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Top Reasons to Invest in an Air Conditioner Before Summer

Summer months can be exceptionally hot and uncomfortable. The best way to make such days tolerable is by investing in an air conditioning system for your home. It will ensure that the temperatures inside your home remain at the desired levels consistently, which makes the house a lot more comfortable. You need to invest in an air conditioner even before summer season sets in. A functional air-con will help you deal with humidity issues as well. Some of the top reasons to cool down in summer with new air conditioning are highlighted below.

To Avoid Damage Caused By Humidity

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High humidity levels in the home can cause damage. Without air conditioning, it is easy for humidity to build up in your home to the extent of causing damage to your property. The damage can be quite expensive and cost you a lot in losses and repairs. Valuable paintings in your home, for example, can quickly be rendered valueless. Investing in an air conditioning unit will help you avoid such possibilities.

To Avoid Pest Infestation

Very high humidity and temperature levels are the perfect conditions for various pests to thrive in your home. Most of the pests pose health risks, while others can even cause damage to furniture and rugs. Having air conditioning in the home will significantly reduce the chances of having the pest infestations. Dust mite, for example, can be dealt with entirely by getting the level of humidity to below 50%.

To Avoid Toxicity in the Home

Various items in your home contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. High humidity levels can draw out some of the toxic chemicals to the air in your home. Some of the items in your home that may contain dangerous chemicals include furniture, lamps, and even some types of wallpapers. Investing in an air conditioner can fix the problem. The air conditioner will ensure the humidity in your home is at a perfect level at all times.home with an aircon

To Avoid Getting Sick

To avoid getting sick is probably the most crucial reason to invest in an air conditioning unit. Low humidity is not good for your health. What many people fail to realize is that high humidity is also bad for health. For starters, it can result in issues with your immune system. It can also result in allergies and respiratory problems caused by increased levels of pests and dirt in the air.

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Air conditioning maintenance tips to last your AC longer

Maintenance is an important aspect in the lifespan of any machinery. Just like all machinery, air conditioners also need maintenance if they are to perform at their optimum level. It’s always advisable to have professional repair services so that whenever your air conditioner breaks down, it can get repaired in time. However, sometimes professional repair services may be out of reach for you. You will, therefore, need to know how you can troubleshoot your air conditioning system before the professional repair services can arrive.

Sometimes your unit may not be properly working due to a simple breakdown that you can fix easily on your own. Here are some maintenance and repair tips that you can do at home on your own to keep your air conditioner at a top performance level.

Examining the thermostat

AC This is a very important part of your air conditioning system that should be regularly examined. If in case your thermostat unit is battery operated, examining it will let you know whether you will need new batteries. Examining your thermostat is important to make sure that the temperature is always set below the room temperature. The thermostat unit should always remain turned on for as long as the air conditioner is operational.

Changing your filter

If you consistently change your conditioner’s air filters, you can help to extend its life by making it perform at optimum levels throughout. A dirty filter will impair the performance of your air conditioner. This can result in frequent breakdowns. If the filters are clogged, your air conditioning system can end up getting iced up.

Examining the ducts

Checking out the ducts regularly is important since you want to make sure that air is coming out of the duct. Sometimes the registers may get accidentally closed hence blocking the flow of air. The ducts should be cleaned regularly. However, you should leave things like adding refrigerants and repairing the electrical parts to professionals.

Melt any ice

ACSometimes your air conditioner may get iced up making it difficult to cool properly. In this case, you should melt the ice. Just turn off the system while only running the fan so that the ice can melt quickly. You can also turn off the unit and wait for the ice to melt on its own. You can use these techniques if your air conditioning system is on minor blinks. However, in the case of major issues, you should call in AC repair Lake Nona professional repair service companies to handle your air conditioning system.



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The Process of Buying and Installing an Air Conditioner at Home

Buying an air conditioning system can be an expensive affair. You should always be wise while purchasing and installing an air-conditioner at home. This is because a good air conditioner is convenient and you shall live with it for a very long time. It will lower your energy bills and ensure you will have comfortable year-round as well as better air quality. Remember that purchasing a good air-conditioner is the largest investment you will ever make in your cute home.

After buying the air conditioner, you will need to call your favorite air conditioning installers to handle the rest for you. This is because it is not an easy task and it is time-consuming. Below are some of the things that you should consider when buying an air-conditioner for your home.

Always buy an air-conditioner that fits your home

air conditionerIt is essential first to find a contractor who will research about the micro climate you live in as well as the condition of your air ducts. That way he or she will be in a position to know whether you need to repair ducts and the air-conditioner you need to make your cooling effective.

Be very careful since some markers may make a proposal without paying visits to your attic. In the real sense, the marketer should visit the attic and look for the air handler, the furnace and check the air-conditioner on the roof or in the yard. By doing this he or she should be able to tell whether the new air-conditioner you are purchasing will fit your home.

Look for or pay attention to an energy saving air- conditioner

Always concentrate on the energy saving-conditioner since the less efficient cooling system, the more energy. All air –conditioner should have a maximum seasonal energy efficiency ratio of at least thirteen but look for the one with fourteen to twenty-two. This will help you save energy bills and save money.

Maintenance warranty

While purchasing the air-conditioner for your home, always choose a company that is offering at least two years of free aircon maintenance. If you buy an air-conditioner that is not maintained, it will not last for long and will never run better. The air-conditioner should be serviced at least twice a year after installation.

Always have a filter

home air conditionersYour qualified air-conditioner installer should add a high-efficiency filter to the air-conditioner. This is because the filter will reduce dust and pollen in the air at your home. As it moves through the air-conditioner, it cleans the air and keeps the inner workings of the air-conditioner efficient and clean. A filter also reduces maintenance costs.

Make a point of locating the indoor air-conditioner unit

Note that when you locate the indoor air-conditioner unit, its position will be helpful while installing your air-conditioner. The unit should avoid closing to doorways, no pipes should be around, and there should be good air circulation.

It is worth noting that if the right process is not followed during purchasing and installation, the whole system might not function well. It is therefore important to involve professionals in the entire process.…