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Tips for Selling Your Home Smoothly

Selling a house is a big step forward in the life of owning an apartment or a house. It is a process that is usually challenging for many who are afraid to sell their houses at throwaway prices. The good thing is that you can link up with different home buying agents who will speed up your home’s sale.

At Jerred Buys, we buy houses in Austin, Texas, and also offer you a perfect plan to sell it. You should not hesitate to use a home buying agent for the best deal. The following are other tips that can guide you when selling your home.

Make an Estimate at the Right Price of the Property

house sellingWhen you estimate your home, do it at its real price, taking into account its general situation: its location, its layout, its year of construction, its proximity, or not to public services. An estimate that does not match the real estate market price in your area may delay the sale. Obviously, you can put a price higher than the actual cost to have some negotiating room. However, do not overdo the risk of not receiving any visits or offers.

Prepare Real Estate Diagnostics and Sales Files

Pay particular attention to the various real estate diagnoses as well as to the sales file. By starting little by little, you will not forget any vital detail. You must also provide the buyer with several documents, including the real estate diagnostic file (the power system, electrical installation, energy consumption, the possible presence of asbestos or lead, etc.) or the co-ownership documents.

If unfortunately, parts are missing or one of the diagnoses is no longer valid, the buyer’s 10-day withdrawal period may be delayed. He can then withdraw much later and not the day after presenting the registered letter with the sales agreement and its appendices. Also, there are other mandatory documents to provide, which ensure the transparency of the sale.

Maintain the House

To attract potential buyers, especially during the visit, please take care of your apartment first. Depersonalize the interior by changing the location of furniture and removing personal things. Try to clear your house as much as possible. Thus, the purchaser can easily project himself in all the rooms. Do not hesitate to adopt the original technique: “home staging.”

After you have rearranged the whole thing, take a few pictures of your house with a professional camera or with the help of a connoisseur. A beautiful shot can cause a flash in your future buyers. Avoid dull photos and unfavorable angles.…