Inspiring Gazebo Types for Your Outdoors

Gazebos are considered to be relaxing and romantic. You can find them to be standard fixtures in gardens. Nowadays, they are nearly everywhere. They are quite popular during anniversaries and weddings. A gazebo can be defined as a pavilion structure that is octagonal in shape and used as a seating place in the garden, parks, or other areas that are spacious. Although its history is vague, it is quite popular at the moment. You can think of it as a favorite sitting area for people.

Other than being a seating place in parks and gardens, it is now used for weddings, engagement parties, and anniversaries. That is because of its relaxing and romantic style. Other than being easy to decorate, it is easy to create different themes that can suit your occasion. Also, you need gazebo weights to keep your unit strong and sturdy. The right gazebo weights should be Ideal for Round Legs, Square Legs & Feet.

Gazebos are also known as kiosks, pavilion, pergolas, summerhouses, and other names. These are some of the variations of gazebos you should know.

Hexagonal-shaped Gazebo

Ideally, this is the most common type of gazebo, and it is quite popular than other forms of the gazebo. You should note that this type of gazebo has five sides that are made of wood and coated with terylene and makes it weather resistant.

Round Shaped Gazebo

This type of gazebo is quite popular among other shapes and types of gazebos. Ideally, it is made of iron or metal wrought material. You will find it to be quite popular because of the ornate decorations. The metal gazebos are free-standing due to their weight and can be anchored down onto the solid surface.

Pop-up Gazebo

You will find this type of gazebo quite popular, particularly during outdoor parties, important occasions, and family get-together. Also, it is portable and lightweight for easy transport. You should note that this type of gazebo has a lot of features that add convenience for those that are renting them. Some of the features include adjustable height, wind vents, and double corner braces.

Do-Decagon Gazebo

Usually, this is the largest type of gazebo with 12 sides and built for outdoor activities and family occasions that need extra shading for the guests.

Canopy Gazebo

This is a perfect type of gazebo that is perfect for beach parties, barbeque, and picnics. It is made of thick linen fabric that is cool to look during the spring and summer seasons.

Gazebos can be octagonal and oblong in shape and made of wood, canvass, metal, and hard plastic. Most gazebos are made of red and white cedar because of its texture and fine color.

Post Author: Tonia Ragsdale